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© Francesco ZizolaMédecins Sans Frontières (MSF) (also known as Artsen zonder Grenzen in Dutch) is an independent, medical, emergency relief organisation that provides assistance to people worldwide, regardless of their background, religion or political convictions. Above all, we aim to save lives and to offer medical care to victims of disasters, wars and epidemics. Sending our own teams (doctors, nurses and other specialists) enables us to work as swiftly and effectively as possible. Working together with local staff, they give direct support to the population.

In 1999 Médecins Sans Frontières was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its medical work as well as for its advocacy efforts on behalf of people and populations in danger.

Our Charter

MSF is a private, international organisation made up mainly of doctors, nurses, paramedics and other professionals who can support us in our mission.

They subscribe to the following principles:


  • MSF provides aid and assistance to population groups in need, victims of natural and man-made disasters and (civil) war. We pursue our mission without differentiating on the basis of race, religion, ideology or political convictions.
  • MSF is entirely neutral and impartial. We demand absolute freedom to pursue our mission on the basis of universally accepted medical ethics and the right to humanitarian aid.
  • MSF staff respect the medical code of conduct and maintain a strict policy of independence towards political, religious and economic power in any shape or form.
  • MSF staff decide of their own free will whether to accept the dangers and risks of the job and do not demand any payment whatsoever either for themselves or entitled claimants, apart from that which the organisation can provide.

International network
The Dutch organisation ‘Artsen zonder Grenzen’ (MSF-Holland) is a member of the international organisation ‘Médecins Sans Frontières’; a network of 19 sections, each based in a different country. The sections are independent, but work in close collaboration. MSF-Holland has a strategic partnership with the MSF organisations located in Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Medical Aid
© MSFEveryone has a right to life-saving medical care. That includes people living in war zones and conflict regions. However, in many of these areas around the world, hundreds of thousands of people are cut off from any form of healthcare. MSF finds that unacceptable. Our teams try to reach the most vulnerable and isolated victims of wars, conflict and natural disasters. We are equipped to offer quick medical emergency aid using emergency specialists, medication and water treatment equipment.

Our medical programmes include basic health care, primary and secondary health care, and maternal and child health care. We also treat patients for malaria, tuberculosis (TB) and HIV/AIDS (including integrated HIV and TB services). Special programmes that can be part of our projects include: nutritional care, mental health care, epidemic surveillance and control, water and sanitation activities. Most of the personnel working in MSF's projects are recruited from the local population. Our international staff work closely with local staff and often provide supervision and training of local staff.

In many areas where MSF works even the most basic human rights are violated on a large scale. Refugees or displaced persons are subjected to violence or denied emergency medical aid for political or other reasons. In these cases, only giving medical assistance is not enough. MSF also appeals to those in power, including governments and international organisations, and speaks out about the abuses we encounter in the course of our work.

For more information, please visit our international website: (English). If you can read Dutch, you can also go to this page.



Like all MSF country organisations, the Dutch branch of MSF is an assocation, called MSF-Holland. The members are current and former field workers and office staff as well as those who have served the organisation in another way. The MSF-Holland Association Board is responsible for supervising MSF-Holland, and ensuring that agreed policies are implemented.


Articles of Assocation and by-laws
Articles of Association
Management statutes

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