About us

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an independent, medical, emergency relief organisation.

We provide assistance to people worldwide, regardless of their background, religion or political convictions. Our aid workers save lives and offer medical care to victims of disasters, wars and epidemics.


Emergency aid and advocacy

We send our own teams of doctors, nurses and other specialists. That enables us to work swiftly and effectively. Working together with local staff, our teams give direct support to the population. Next to our medical work, we speak out about the abuses we encounter in the course of our work. In 1999, MSF was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.


MSF in the Netherlands

In 1971, a group of doctors and journalists started the first MSF organisation in France. MSF-Holland was founded 13 years later, in 1984. We are now part of the international network of MSF organisations in many countries. The MSF projects are run from 5 operational centres. Our office in Amsterdam is one of those centres.