We process your data with the utmost care and in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Dutch General Data Protection Regulation (Implementation) Act (GDPR(I)A).

We also adhere to all codes of conduct of Goede Doelen Nederland and the privacy and other codes of the Data-Driven Marketing Association (DDMA). We have carried the ‘Privacy Waarborg’ since 2012 (for more information, see www.privacywaarborg.nl).

Artsen zonder Grenzen is the 'controller' within the meaning of the GDPR and thus responsible for the fair and legitimate processing of your personal data. Artsen zonder Grenzen is registered at Plantage Middenlaan 14, 1018 DD in Amsterdam.

When does Artsen zonder Grenzen collect Information about me?

You can give us personal data when you: donate, apply for a Direct Debit, register for one of our meetings or events, organise an fundraising event (e.g. online at www.actiezondergrenzen.nl), communicate with us, request a brochure or magazine, request a guest speaker, sign up for email newsletters and leave a comment on our social media accounts.


Social Media

We may collect information about you through your social media accounts or services. We can only do this if you have given your consent. You can manage these settings yourself.


We also keep personal data to improve our services. For example, click behaviour on the website to analyse which articles are most read and open rates to see if our newsletters are relevant.

For this purpose, we store cookies in your internet browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer) when you visit the websites. There are different types of cookies; in addition to the strictly necessary cookies, there are also cookies you can manage. Read more about cookies.

We use Google Analytics to see how website visitors like you use our website without storing your personal data. We only track things like the order in which you view pages and how long you keep them open. In short, we do not track your personal data via Google Analytics, nor do we share it with Google. View our explanation on how we use Google Analytics and the processor agreement we have in place.

Registering e-mails

You can subscribe to our monthly newsletter. You can unsubscribe from our e-mails at any time using the unsubscribe link in the e-mail.


We may obtain your personal data through third parties and use public sources to supplement and update your data.

What information does Artsen zonder Grenzen collect about me and why?

We process the following personal data:

  • Personal data (such as name, sex, date of birth) and contact details (such as address, e-mail address and phone number) to handle your questions and requests, to register you for our events, to contact you about updates and fundraising activities, to provide you with information at the time of your action on our behalf (e.g. at www.actiezondergrenzen.nl) and when you designate us as executor of a will.
  • Financial data (such as bank details) to process and keep track of your gifts and regular donations.
  • Details of your support for Artsen zonder Grenzen (such as the amount you donate).
  • If you give us permission - by allowing cookies - we collect your IP address, your social ID, and view your browsing behaviour so that we can track your engagement and show you online information that matches your interests, needs and engagement.
  • We also use 'custom target groups' through (social) media platforms. We do this through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and DPG media targeting. Personalised and other ads may be displayed on these platforms. We do not pass on personal data to third parties for this purpose, unless you have clearly given your consent.

We may also use (parts of) the above data to:

  • Analyse our fundraising activities.
  • Improve our services and communications to and with you by conducting surveys after you have attended one of our events or meetings or, for example, by conducting donor surveys.
  • Register your wishes if you appoint us as executor of the will.
  • Put you on a suppression list when you ask us to stop contacting you, so that we can comply with this as best we can.

Updates, fundraising communication & evaluating fundraising activitities

We conduct fundraising campaigns (online, by post, via telemarketing and face-to-face) to raise funds for our medical care and tell you know what Artsen zonder Grenzen does and how your support makes a difference. We do so, for example, when Artsen zonder Grenzen provides assistance in a crisis situation or to request additional support. We will always respect your preferences and try to send you information you find interesting, in the form you prefer.

You can unsubscribe from our campaigns and communications

If you don't want us to contact you any more, you can always tell us. Let us know on 0800-0102 or via vragen@artsenzondergrenzen.nl.

If you don't want ads to be shown through these platforms, you can opt out at these platforms. You can read how to do this on the following pages:




Please note that you may still see our ads after that if you fall into a general target group that we target our ad to.

Who has access to my information?

We share personal data with other organisations that help us carry out our mission. They may only use these data for the assignment they receive from us and are obliged to use and secure your personal data with care. They must keep the data confidential and destroy them after use. We make clear agreements about this in advance.

We deploy organisations for the following activities, among others:

  • Processing donations
  • Handling incoming telephone traffic
  • Carrying out fundraising campaigns
  • Conducting investigations

We will share personal data with tax authorities, investigative bodies, such as the police and judiciary, or regulators such as the Dutch Data Protection Authority only when we are legally obliged to do so.

Under no circumstances will Artsen zonder Grenzen sell or make your data available without reason to other organisations or companies.

Links to other websites

This website contains links to external internet pages. Artsen zonder Grenzen is not liable for the use or content of internet pages linked to this website or internet pages that link to this website. Our Privacy Statement, including its cookie provisions, does not apply to personal data collected and processed from you on or through these external websites.

How do you secure my personal data?

Artsen zonder Grenzen stores your personal data in a secure database, which is where they remain. Physical, technical and organisational measures have been taken to protect your personal data. All the data you enter in our electronic forms are sent by secure connection. This makes the data exchange between you and our computer(s) unreadable to others.

Artsen zonder Grenzen uses a secure internet environment as soon as you start completing your one-off gift or donorship. Your transaction data are sent encrypted over the internet via SSL. You do not need any special software to pay with SSL. You will recognise a secure SSL connection by the 'green padlock' in your browser.

Transfers are made using specific security methods of your own bank.

How long do you keep these data?

We keep the data you provide for as long as necessary for your intended relationship with us and as long as we may have a legal obligation to do so.

We store your name and e-mail address for as long as you are subscribed to our newsletter and/or mailings.

What is the legal basis for processing personal data?

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), organisations are not allowed to process personal data without reason.

Organisations may process personal information if the data processing is based on one of the six GDPR bases.

Artsen zonder Grenzen processes your personal data:

  • If you have given your explicit consent to this;
  • To comply with legal obligations, including for accounting and tax purposes and other mandatory laws and regulations;
  • If it is necessary for the performance of an agreement or to process your recurring or one-off donation;
  • If it is necessary for the protection of our legitimate interests, we will always respect your rights and freedoms.

How can I change my perosnal data and access my data?

The GDPR gives you various rights in relation to your personal data, such as the right to access, amend or delete. To exercise these rights, please contact us via vragen@amsterdam.msf.org or 0800-0102 (free of charge). We will process your request as soon as possible, but this may take up to 30 days. You may be asked to answer some identifying questions.

Information and access

You can request all the data we have on you. Please submit this request using the contact details above so that we can process it and give you an overview of the personal data we process about you.


If you believe that the personal data held about you are incorrect, you have the right to ask for them to be updated. If you wish to have data updated, please contact us using the above contact details.


You have the right to ask us to stop or restrict the use of personal data in certain cases, for example if it is not necessary for the purpose for which you have provided them to us, or if there is disagreement about their accuracy or legitimate use. If you wish to have data usage restricted, please contact us using the details above.

Withdrawal of consent and objection

When we process personal data for which you have given your consent, you can withdraw your consent to the processing of your data at any time. This means that we will no longer process your personal data for that purpose from then on.

If we process personal data in pursuit of our legitimate interest, for example for direct marketing purposes, you may object at any time.

If you wish to withdraw your consent or object to our processing of personal data, please contact us using the contact details above.


In some cases, you have the right to have your personal data deleted (right to deletion) or transferred to another organisation ("data portability"), for example if you feel that we no longer need the personal data or are using them unlawfully.

If you have asked us not to contact you again, we need to keep some limited information to ensure you are not contacted in the future.

Data portability

If we process your personal data following your consent or for the performance of a contract, you may ask us to return the personal data provided to us in a standard format so that you can provide them to another controller. Whenever possible, you can also request us to transfer the personal data directly to the other controller.

If you wish to exercise the right to data portability, please contact us using the contact details above.

My question is not mentioned

For other data protection questions, please contact our data protection officer via dpo@amsterdam.msf.org. You can also get in touch by post: Artsen zonder Grenzen, Data Protection Officer, Plantage Middenlaan 14, 1018 DD in Amsterdam.

Filling a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority

If you have any concerns about the way your data are being used or wish to make a complaint, please contact us using the contact details above. You also have the right to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority by means of this form.

When does Artsen zonder Grenzen update this privacy statment?

This privacy statement was last amended on 11 April 2023. We amend this privacy statement when necessary. If we make significant changes to the way we treat your personal data, we will make this clear on our websites or contact you directly.