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Scope of application

These Conditions of Use apply when using the website of Vereniging Artsen zonder Grenzen (Médecins Sans Frontières, Netherlands). Hereinafter: Artsen zonder Grenzen.

Information and liability

The information on this website is for general information purposes only and is not intended as advice. Artsen zonder Grenzen is not liable for any loss resulting from the use (or inability to use) of the website, including loss resulting from viruses or resulting from the inaccuracy or incompleteness of the information, unless the loss is the result of intent or gross negligence on the part of Artsen zonder Grenzen. Moreover, as a User of the website and the information found there, you indemnify Artsen zonder Grenzen from any form of loss to third parties related to any action by you as a User done (allegedly) as a result of the use. Artsen zonder Grenzen is furthermore not liable for loss resulting from the use of electronic means of communication with this website, including - but not limited to - loss resulting from non-delivery or delay in delivery of electronic messages, interception or manipulation of electronic messages by third parties or by software and/or equipment used for electronic communication and transmission of viruses.

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Ownership rights

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If any part of these Conditions of Use is or becomes invalid, the User and Artsen zonder Grenzen remain bound by the remaining part.


Artsen zonder Grenzen reserves the right to make changes to these Conditions of Use at any time without prior notice.

Applicable law and competent court

Dutch law governs these Conditions of Use. Any disputes regarding the application of these Conditions of Use will be resolved by mutual agreement to the extent possible. If the dispute cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, the dispute will be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam for resolution.

Business address, registration

Artsen zonder Grenzen (Médecins Sans Frontières, Netherlands), with registered office in Amsterdam, postal address: PO Box 10014, 1001 EA Amsterdam, registered in the commercial register of the Chamber of Commerce, under file number: 41215974.