Working for MSF

We are part of the international network of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) organisations in many countries. The MSF projects are run from 5 operational centres. Our office in Amsterdam is one of those centres. All vacancies are in English, except if fluency in Dutch is specifically required. We do not offer (graduate) trainee/intern positions, unless specifically listed.

Interested in a mission with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)? We are always looking for qualified medical and support professionals to join our teams in the field. You will be recruited for our pool of staff, and will be sent on missions across the world when positions become available. Check out the profiles to see which one suits you.


See all office vacancies or check out our profiles if you want to join our teams in the field. If you're not a resident of the Netherlands, please check the link below first.

Support us

When you work for MSF, you give us your time and knowledge. But there are other ways to support our life-saving work.

About us

MSF offers medical emergency aid wherever it is needed most. Sending our own teams enables us to work swiftly and effectively.

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Where in the Netherlands is the MSF office and how can you reach us?