Your job

As an Intercultural Mediator (ICM), you will make the link between MSF and the persons of different cultural and linguistic background we assist. Your main responsibility is to guarantee clarity and precision in the communication between all actors.

Communication is your first role, between the MSF teams and the rescued persons as well with external stakeholders at sea. Supporting intercultural awareness, sensitiveness and clear communication between the parties, providing quality and culturally sensitive interpretation between the parties.

Before you apply

Interested I working with Médecins Sans Frontières, but still have a lot of questions you need answered? Join one of our information meetings or webinars!

What's it like working with MSF?

In most projects you'll be living and working in stressful conditions without many of the things you may take for granted at home.

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Your safety and security

When working for us you might experience dangerous situations, such as confrontations with armed men, looting and theft, or violent clashes between armed groups. We take safety and security seriously. Read more about our safety precautions.

Requirements to apply for Intercultural Mediator