The impact of the climate crisis

The impact of the climate crisis on people's health is already visible in different countries. In Chad, repeated droughts have affected the country's agricultural productions. The number of children with malnutrition is rising rapidly. In the drought-ravaged Horn of Africa people are in desperate need of clean drinking water and medical care. Measles and cholera are spreading fast. Last year, South Sudan faced the worst floods in 80 years. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their homes and malaria cases peaked, just as waterborne diseases. Extreme weather events also occur closer to home. Droughts, storms and floods have hit several EU member states, heightening concern across the continent.

A health crisis

During the event we welcomed several interesting speakers on stage. From activists to humanitarian organizations and climate scientists. Together we analyzed the climate crisis from various angles. What are the consequences for our own health? What do we see? What will we encounter in the future? And of course: what kind of actions are required?


Our guests during the event:

  • Saskia van der Kam, nutritionist
  • Amrish Baidjoe, epidemiologist
  • Joris Thijssen, politician
  • Judith Sargentini, director MSF-Holland
  • Maria Neira, director Public Health and the Environment, WHO
  • Aqli Farah, climate change adaption specialist
  • Jeffrie Quarsie, doctor and researcher
  • Anisa Bek, climate activist and founder Project Mulan in Libya
  • Joe Bongay, climate activist


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Lieke Drion

Lieke Drion

Events coordinator