I would like to offer my availability for a short or longer period to support refugees coming from Ukraine, or any other support. How can I subscribe?

For this specific emergency, there is very limited space for people without MSF working experience in the field. The dynamic and not yet very structured and established set up of an emergency response, without too much time and capacity for on the job learning and support will not be an appropriate first departure placement (candidate going on their first project assignment).

We encourage people to apply that are able meet the following:

  • MSF work experience in the field
  • Having 2 to 3 years of relevant work experience in the region of Ukraine
  • Availability as of 3 months and can depart soon

We see a need in the following areas; senior management positions in:

  • Logistics
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Medical positions
  • Psychologists (experience with refugees and migrants) and
  • Operations.

Additionally, Financial and Human Resources profiles, Logistics and Supply and Pharmacists.

As the situation is still unstable, things can change rapidly over time.

Interested in working in the field with MSF? How can I apply?

Throughout the year we recruit candidates for different field positions according to the needs we see in the different project. You can find the different field positions here. Each position will give information about the requirements and how to apply.

Are you interested in offering your availability and your skills and you have MSF field working experience, please share your motivation and CV via – specifying that you would like to support MSF in Ukraine:


Can I work for MSF for a short period?

No, in order to do our work in the most qualitative and effective way, we will need you to work for 9 to 12 months in one of our projects. As an exception in light of a specific emergency, we might apply different requirements and have separate application and training procedures to those for our regular profiles. If that is the case, you will find specific job profiles on our website.

What is the salary?

MSF field staff receive a stipend or allowance for expenses. This covers costs that you incur in connection with your departure and stay in the project country, running costs in your home country and some expenses upon return. On your first mission, this amounts to a net salary of € 1.206 per month. (This is a salary indication for inhabitants of The Netherlands. It may differ according to different countries of residence.) Once you have worked for us for more than 12 months, your salary will increase according to experience gained.

Do I get any holidays?

Yes, field employees are entitled to 25 days paid annual leave based on a 12 month employment contract.

Can I choose the country I want to work in?

The short answer is no. MSF asks all our field staff to be flexible and willing to work where you are most needed. However, special skills and/or restrictions are taken into consideration. Once a position is offered, the final decision to accept a post is made by you.

Do you send couples to the field to work in the same project?

No, our policy is not to take on couples. Living conditions in the field and the need for team cohesion make it impossible for us to place couples in the same project. Furthermore, it would be very unlikely that two suitable positions would arise in the same project at the same time.

Can I take my partner or family with me?

In principle, it is not possible to take your partner or family to a project country, predominantly due to safety reasons. A few locations are suitable for families, and occasionally some coordinator positions in the capital city of a project country may be accompanied. However, before being placed in a coordinator position, you will first need to have some years of work experience within MSF projects. Coordinator positions are typically second-level steps in your career within MSF.

Am I insured?

MSF has a special insurance package for all of its field staff covering costs involving travel, healthcare, disability and liability on top of your own basic health insurance.

Is there an age limit for MSF field staff?

In principle, MSF-Holland (the Dutch branch of MSF) recognises a retirement age of 65. Exceptions to the retirement age are considered up to the age of 69. However, MSF-Holland will not employ individuals older than 69, as we cannot get the necessary expatriate insurance for them, something we find mandatory to fulfill our duty of care as an employer.

Can I do an internship with MSF or do volunteer work?

Because of the nature of our work, we only send out field staff who have a minimum of 2 years work experience. Besides, for security reasons we keep our international staff teams as small as possible. Thus, we do not offer internships in our projects, and it is not possible to volunteer. We find it important to have paid staff that are able to stay with our organisation for multiple mission assignments.