{'title': 'Pool system and effects of COVID-19', 'text': '

We work with a pool system which means that we are always looking for new people. Due to COVID-19 we experience less departures and an extended waiting time, because of travel restrictions. Therefore, for some pools we are currently not in a need for new applicants. We have temporarily closed the relevant positions. Please check the website regularly since the positions may open again in a couple of months.

If you want to bring your motivation, professional abilities and practical experience to join us in the field, please click on Work and life in the field to learn more about requirements and how to apply.


Non-medical profiles

Our projects cannot run without the important work of logistical, technical, and other specialist staff. Or are you an experienced aid worker, who doesn’t shy away from responsibility? Apply for a coordinating role in one of our projects or on country level.

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