Skills list Mental Health Officer

skillslist MH

Skills list Nurse

skillslist NURSE.xlsx

Skills list Operating Theatre Nurse

skillslist NURSE OT.docx

Skills list Epidemiologist

skillslist EPI.doc

Skills list Gynaecologist

skillslist OBS.xlsx

Skillslist Health Promotor

skillslist HPAnthropology.doc

Skills list Human Resources Coordinator

skillslist HR.xls

Skills list Laboratory Technician

skillslist LAB.doc

Skills list Supply logistician

Supply Log Skills-list

Skills list Technical logistician


Skills list Midwife

Midwife Skills list and CV

Skills list Pharmacist

skillslist PHARMA

Skills list Water and Sanitation Specialist

skillslist WATSAN.xlsx

Please find below the skills lists for the variety of medical specialisations that we offer positions for. You can download the specialisation relevant for you, fill it out and upload it in your application.

Skills list Anaesthetist


Skills list Surgeon NOMA

skillslist NOMA

Skills list Infection Prevention & Control Manager (HIV/TB)

skillslist HIVTB

Skills list Medical Doctor (Intensive Care)

skillslist ICU

Skillslist Medical Doctor (Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care)

skillslist ICUER

Skills list Infection Prevention & Control Manager (Chronic diseases)

skillslist NCD

Skills list Paediatrician

skillslist PAEDS

Skills list Surgeon